I was working on a project of mine and wanted to document the cloud architecture I was planning to use. Even though that documentation was only intended for myself, I still wanted it to look good. To my surprize, even though quite a few generic diagramming solutions are available out in the wild, only one was visually pleasing. However, it was specifically designed for a single cloud provider, different one than I intended to use. And it was fixed to the isometric projection.

Having read a bit about three.js at the time, which is a JavaScript library leveraging WebGL in the browser, I thought I'd take a short break from the original project and see how hard it would be to create a similar tool, but without the aformentioned limitations. Two weeks later I had a "walking skeleton" prototype and proved myself I could actually pull it off.

Fast forward, 5 months later stackdraft was born. A cloud architecture diagramming tool, with a huge potential for growth. I have a long list of features I'm excited to work on, which would further assist cloud solution architects in their daily work. This is just the beginning.

stackdraft is a bootstrapped project by Michał Karnicki.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter @mkarnicki or e-mail. You can follow stackdraft at @stackdraft_io
If you're curious how the tool evolved, check out media posted on the Twitter account. Enjoy!